Re: RARA-AVIS: Blue Murder Magazine (Author) Tribute

Date: 17 Feb 2003

Hi Anthony,
    I can't believe you caught hell over this, but of course, no good deed goes unpunished. I got stung from the demise of Blue Murder, probably more than most folks did, but the mag was still a glorious venture and it produced some marvelous material. Blue Murder is the publication where I first read the work of Kevin Burton Smith, Neil Smith, Charlie Shafer, Gina Gallo, Gary Lovisi, Mat Coward, Kate Thornton, Kent Westmoreland, Michael Mallory, and at least a dozen other fine crime writers. Andrew Vachss wrote for Blue Murder as did G. Miki Hayden. There was a wonderful series of columns on noir although I can't recall the byline at this moment.
    The fact that the mag went down in flames and that many did not get books published (after they had contracts that said it would happen) and many others never got paid (for what had been published) doesn't diminish the quality of the work that appeared there. Blue Murder, the magazine, showed us what a web crime zine could be, both in terms of the content and in terms of graphics, and Blue Murder Press identified a path for low cost small press book publication.
    Thanks for remembering what went on there and good luck with your issue. Your motives were pure and your idea was a good one.

                                    Jim Blue

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