RARA-AVIS: Dead Noir

From: Charlie Williams ( cs_will@hotmail.com)
Date: 16 Feb 2003

I'm hearing a few things about the ending of the Dead Calm movie that I don't remember, and it has been a while since I saw it. My memory seems to have filtered out all the positive stuff and redemption, leaving just the bad bits. So I guess it's me that's noir, and not the movie.

While we're at it, Home Alone was noir, right? Kid gets abandoned by his parents. Kid experiences bad, frightening things during that time (involving crime). Kid never gets over it and spends the rest of his life searching for someone to look after him...

And Miker wrote:
>Actually I'm a little a bit uncomfortable arguing with your
>namesake over Dead Calm. ;-) But here goes:

I must remember to put my name as "Ray Chandler" next time we argue about Marlowe, just to get that edge. "Dash Hammett" might be stretching credulity a tad.

Charlie Williams

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