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From: Nicole Leclerc (
Date: 15 Feb 2003

I'm late replying Jim but I've read all the Maigrets in French and I can confirm the regular guy and the colloquial languate. He doesn't speak slang, just normal France french. And in his private live he is very bourgeois with his little wife in the background cooking him his meals, taking care of him, bowing to his every whims patiently. As for being balsy, I think he is usually placid enough but when stirred and angry, he does have the nerve to act on his feelings and lash out at people, whether verbally or physically. Don't know if I'd label him as tough but he can toughen up when need be.


p.s. Although I have been lurking and silent, I have sent good thoughts your mom's way and hope she is continuing to heal.

> Maigret always struck me as a regular guy
> (beer-drinker, country-boy in the Big City, etc.) who
> talked (once allowances are made for the difficulty of
> tranlation) like a regular guy. "Colloquial,"
> therefore, may be reasonably inferred if not
> absolutely proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Maybe
> any members who've read the books in French can
> confirm this.
> As for tough, he was ballsy enough to shoot it out
> with a pair of American Mafia hit men in INSPECTOR
> GANGSTERS), and in a wonderful Andy Sipowicz-like
> moment in one of the short stories, he knocks out a
> pornographer's tooth during an interrogation. I think
> he qualified for "tough" beyond question.

> P.S.
> Mom got out of the hospital Sunday. Until she's a
> hundred percent, she'll be staying at a friend's house
> just in case emergency care becomes necessary, since
> she and Dad live in a fairly remote rural area.
> Thanks once again for all the prayers and good
> thoughts.
> JIM D.

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