RARA-AVIS: Mark Sullivan on Russell James

From: Russell James ( look@russelljames.co.uk)
Date: 15 Feb 2003

See, you were right about OH NO, NOT MY BABY. (And my reply should have said "THE ANNEX, based on THE CHANGELING, is noir and sexy ... ")

Floyd Carter, the boxer hero of PAYBACK, was unconscious homage to GET CARTER. The similarities didn't occur to me till reviewers pointed it out - which shows how wrapped up a writer can get in his own story. (I know, GET CARTER is a classic, and God knows how I didn't notice.) In that book I was more aware that giving a boxer the name Floyd was a reference to Floyd Patterson (before your time?), and that I'd probably annoyed the hell out of the South London real life crime family, the Richardsons, by inventing a family member of my own. (But they'd already appeared in UNDERGROUND, and this was a reference back.)

Vinnie Dirkin? Well, he does return to have a bad time of it in SLAUGHTER MUSIC. And he appears in a short story, LOST, which appeared in an edition of CRIME TIME magazine some two years ago. His ultimate fate remains undecided...

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