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Date: 14 Feb 2003

Charlie wrote: I'm sorry, but the Dead Calm movie did not have such a happy ending. The Billy Zane character got knocked off and all that, but had he not succeeded in messing up these people's lives? I didn't get a feeling of the triumph of


************* Actually I'm a little a bit uncomfortable arguing with your namesake over Dead Calm. ;-) But here goes:

Well, you have a valid point there. Some of that bad stuff simply can't be reversed, can it? The wife gets raped, doesn't she? And the guy has to do some hard mechanical work on a sinking ship littered with bodies. Yuk. There always seems to be a certain amount of ambiguity about whether an ending is happy or not, even in hardboiled. Even if the bad guy gets caught, a good guy got murdered, right?

But yes, I think that the ending of the movie Dead Calm was
"happy". The crazy dude pays the big price for his sins. There is justice.

And there is something else I read out of the movie that maybe wasn't there. I believe that she is redeemed in the end. Why is it she can't bring herself to kill this guy, even though she has multiple chances? It's because she takes responsibility for a death earlier in her life, and she cannot come to terms with it and it's making her life a living hell and she cannot bring herself to end another's life, even if he is so very deserving.

I believe that when she ultimately desires and gets the crazy's death, she finds closure on her child's death. She is redeemed. They have each other. Insurance will cover the damage to the boat, and they sail off into a splendid sunset on the deep blue sea. Life is good. Pass me one of them ice- cold Coronas and a big slice of lime. WAHOOO!


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