RARA-AVIS: Get Carter/Payback/Scorpian Rising

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 14 Feb 2003

Mark Sullivan asked Russell James:

>>However, I've got to ask, using the name Carter for the main character
in Payback was an homage to Ted Lewis, right? Although the books go in very different directions, both yours and Get Carter (AKA Jack's Return Home) start with a Carter returning to his home town for a brother's funeral. That wasn't coincidence was it?

Anthony Frewin wrote the same story about a crime figure returning home for his brother's funeral in his 1999 novel, Scorpian Rising, but his main character was Blattner, not Carter. To add to the noir discussion, this book was labelled "a seaside noir" by the publisher, No Exit Press. A Crime Time blurb said, "Get Carter puts one over The Long Good Friday as increasingly hard men go to Margate in this superb seaside noir."

Payback is near the top of my TBR stack.

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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