Re: RARA-AVIS: Georges Simenon

Date: 11 Feb 2003


Re your comments below:

> I don't think of Maigret as hardboiled, but I do
> think that Simenon's non-Maigret stories are
> noir.

Maigret always struck me as a regular guy
(beer-drinker, country-boy in the Big City, etc.) who talked (once allowances are made for the difficulty of tranlation) like a regular guy. "Colloquial," therefore, may be reasonably inferred if not absolutely proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Maybe any members who've read the books in French can confirm this.

As for tough, he was ballsy enough to shoot it out with a pair of American Mafia hit men in INSPECTOR MAIGRET AND THE KILLERS (aka MAIGRET AND THE GANGSTERS), and in a wonderful Andy Sipowicz-like moment in one of the short stories, he knocks out a pornographer's tooth during an interrogation. I think he qualified for "tough" beyond question.

Anyway, wasn't he one of this group's "Top 111?" I know he was nominated.

I agree that Simenon probably rates his own month.


P.S. Mom got out of the hospital Sunday. Until she's a hundred percent, she'll be staying at a friend's house just in case emergency care becomes necessary, since she and Dad live in a fairly remote rural area.

Thanks once again for all the prayers and good thoughts.


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