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Date: 10 Feb 2003

I think you answered your own question, Rich...and I didn't realize Shaw was working for Quinn as early as SUSPENSE's brief run (writer, former Howard Browne assistant and future AMAZING/FANTASTIC/DREAM WORLD editor, then EQMM managing editor, Paul Fairman was founding editor of Quinn's IF in 1952) so my speculation (that he was moonlighting w/o Quinn's knowledge) seems more likely. (Shaw'd use the De Mexico byline on typically fraudulent "true men's adventure" and similar hack magazine stuff later in his career, after leaving Quinn to edit INFINITY SF and the series of magazines, including imitations of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and the like, he worked on before taking editorship of Lancer Books.

If the THRILLING WONDER story is also Shaw's (seems likely, unless he picked up a Thrilling Group house name and ran with it, much as Robert Silverberg did with a variant spelling of Ziff-Davis's Ivar Jorgenson), perhaps Shaw was simply not proud of the story. TM

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I pulled out the first and last issues of Suspense (there were only four issues in 1951-1952), and DeMexico was listed as Associate Editor in the first issue but was promoted to Managing Editor by the last issue. I haven't dug out the other suspense issue that I own so I can't say when the promotion happened. Larry Shaw was an editor with Quinn Publications in 52 or 53 as I

remember his name on some issues of the science fiction magazine IF, where he also had a story or two published. Here's one other fact to throw on the small pile we have. N.R. DeMexico had

a short story "The Devil's Fiddle" in the June 1943 issue of Thrilling Wonder. On the one hand here is another link to science fiction which makes

Larry Shaw a more logical guess as the man behind the penname. However, why

would a young SF fan(as Shaw was at that time) hide his identity?

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