RARA-AVIS: N. R. DeMexico

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 07 Feb 2003

On eBay the other day I bought several issues of a magazine called SUSPENSE, "The High-Tension Magazine Inspired by the CBS Radio and Television Program Series SUSPENSE." I looked over the table of contents, an interesting combination of categories: Mystery, Science Adventure, Dread Dilemma, The Fantastic, The Macabre, and Criminals at Large. An interesting group of writers, too: Fritz Leiber, Talmadge Powell, H. L. Gold, A. E. Van Vogt, and Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (no, English majors, I'm not making that up), among others. But what really caught my eye was a name at the bottom of the contents page, the name of the associate editor. N. R. DeMexico. Does this mean that the author of MADMAN ON A DRUM was a real person? Or that Larry Shaw, one man suspected of using the name as a pseudonym, also used it for an editing job?

I await the definitive answer.

Bill Crider

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