RARA-AVIS: Last of the Fifties

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 31 Jan 2003

I'm gonna make this a quick one. I read THE EXECUTIONERS, by J.D. MacDonald. This is my third JDM but first non-Travis. It was good. JDM is so darn smooth. I need to see the movies now... both of em.

I read THE LONG GOODBYE, by Chandler. Long time between writing the THE BIG CHILL and this one, and I can tell it. Marlowe is definitely older, less idealistic. He's not real interested in proving his buddy Terry's innocence. Who cares? He's dead anyway.

Marlowe was a bit too prudish and steeped in morality for me in THE BIG CHILL. The ending of THE LONG GOODBYE reveals that Marlowe might just think the same thing about himself. Marlowe is such an enigma. That must be part of the big attraction.

The scene with the writer's wife trying to seduce Marlowe is the first time I've seen Chandler write something that sounds awkward. "Erotic as a stallion," is just weird.

And I'm just about through with Keene's LOVE ME AND DIE, mentioned earlier by Bill Crider. Keene is sharp, and gets good word play in. I like him.

Thanks to Mark Blumenthal in Chicago for introducing me to some great used book stores and an excellent Chinese restaurant. I had a damn good time.


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