RARA-AVIS: Italian Noir- Camilleri

From: Mrriter@aol.com
Date: 28 Jan 2003

I just finished two books by Andrea Camilleri--The Shape of Water and The Terra-Cotta Dog. I didn't know anything about this author before I started reading the books (recommended by an employee of the local mystery book store). I enjoyed them, especially the Terra-Cotta Dog, which hooked me immediately with the opening riff: Inspector Montalbano meets Tano "the Greek", an assassin from the old school. I've never been to Sicily, but the books are loaded with details about Sicilian life, and it rang true for me--so I'm wondering what others think about these books and the author. Not hard enough for this crowd?

Manuel Ramos MOONY'S ROAD TO HELL (2002) BROWN-ON-BROWN (2003) www.manuelramos.com

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