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Date: 24 Jan 2003

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> There were two books in which war figured prominently,
> Hemingway's FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, and Ross Mac-
> Donald's THE DARK TUNNEL. Hemingway's book is about
> the Spanish Civil War which, near as I can tell, was a
> dress rehearsal for WWII. I'm not real sure if I con-
> sider this book hardboiled, though. Hemingway went on
> to write A FAREWELL TO ARMS, which was a WWII novel.

miker, You have mixed up your numbered wars. Farewell to Arms was about WW I and was written well before For Whom the Bell Tolls. You are right the Spanish Civil War was sort of a prelude to WW II with the Nazis fairly actively supporting Franco and the Communists along with individual anti-fascists helping or working to support the government's forces.
> Although I know it's out there, I have yet to run into
> very much Cold War stuff in the 50s. Fleming's CASINO
> ROYALE is the only one so far.

We have said Fleming isn't hard boiled. He started having the Communists as villains, but then thought of making his own super villain, Blofeld heading a criminal group, SPECTER.

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