RARA-AVIS: Atlanta's gutters revisited

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 22 Jan 2003

After writing my earlier message, I was inspired to pick up Ralph Dennis' THE ONE-DOLLAR RIP-OFF (1977) which I had never read. The novel opens with Jim Hardman and his friend Hump Evans at George's Deli and a bartender at the nearby Moe and Joe's comes over with the Monday Night Football pool. Hump ends up being cheated of his winnings but in the meantime Ralph Dennis has evoked memories of Monday Night Football when it meant something...when Howard Cosell was on the broadcast as well as memories of the two bars in Atlanta. One, George's, which he could not know would one day be the location of his wake.

So to hell with the month of the 50s as Dennis takes me to the one block in the city of Atlanta that has little changed from the two bars to the hardward store and the fire station on the corner. And now I am doubly glad that I took my daughter to Moe and Joe's so she could get a better sense of Atlanta.
 Hell, anybody can take her to the High Museum.

Richard Moore

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