RARA-AVIS: Ralph Dennis: Hardman series

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 17 Jan 2003

Some guy is selling all 12 of the Hardman books on eBay. No takers so far, but at under 3 bucks a book, this is a pretty good deal. I know that Richard Moore met Dennis a time or two. Here's what the seller has to say:

"Ralph Dennis (died 1988) was an excellent writer, who was poorly marketed and never developed the following he deserved. I've read that Dennis worked at a used book store in Atlanta (Oxford Books) and died broke in his sleep on a cot in the back room of a bar. He was a serious drinker who knew the streets from his own down-and-out life. That may explain why his stories are so good - he knew the alley life and it helped him make his story backgrounds absolutely authentic."

Bill Crider

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