Re: RARA-AVIS: The Greatest of Them All?

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 10 Jan 2003

Bill B quoted a column about Bill Pronizi's series:

" . . . that with his Nameless series, he's turned out a much more substantial body of heralded work than what was produced by Hammett (who published five novels), Chandler (who published seven) or even Macdonald
(with 24 novels, 18 of which featured P.I. Lew Archer)."

This logic that substance is based on quantity strikes me as spurious
(especially since he pretty much contradicts himself by dissing the longevity of the Spenser series, although his complaint there is due to the static nature of the character through that long series). By that logic, all of the 'ER series are the best of hardboiled.

However, Bill, whatever his logic, he arrived at the right conclusion. The Nameless series is well worth reading. And although I am also pretty anal about reading in order, it really pays off in this series because of the character's aging and changing. So yes, place it higher on your TBR pile.


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