Re: RARA-AVIS: Night of the Juggler flick?

Date: 02 Jan 2003


Re your question below:

> Has anyone seen the movie NIGHT OF THE
> JUGGLER? (I may have the titles wrong.
> I don't know if the movie and book have
> the same title.)

I saw it some years ago. I was surprised because, to the best of my knowledge, it had never been in theatres. I saw it on a cable channel (HBO? Showtime?)

Anyway, other than the basic situation of rescuing a young girl who's been kidnapped by a serial killer, there was little of the book in the film.

James Brolin played the girl's father (who was a liad-off cop, not a rich guy as in the book). I think the cop on the case, or one of them, was played by Cliff Gorman. I don't recall anyone else in the cast.

The book wasn't one of McGivern's best (but, since this is '50s month, allow me to recommend THE BIG HEAT and ROGUE COP, which were not only fine books, but which were made into fine movies), but it was certainly far better than the film that eventually emerged. I'd say Maltin's rating wasn't that far off.


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