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Date: 14 Dec 2002

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 Also: any info on re-editions of Stanley Ellin's books...but maybe I'm not
 well informed and they have been re-issued , as was planned two years
 ago...In particular I'm interested in The Dark Fantastic originally
 re-published in 83 by Penzler at Myst. Press in NYC...any new
 ...pressings...???...X-mas is coming and my friends need good
 books...because the air is thick and filled with vitriol...
 Merci for any info...and congratulations for the websites...

I don't know of any reissue of Ellin's THE DARK FANTASTIC since the Berkley and Futura paperbacks around 1985. There are reasonably priced copies available via abebooks.com in both the US and UK. I would love to see a revival of interest in Ellin, a very fine writer. It may take a movie adaptation although that sometimes does not do it unless the movie is wildly successful. It was nice to read of your intent to use Ellin novels as gifts.
 I have done that in the past with Ellin and other writers I've felt were overlooked or forgotten.

Richard Moore

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