Re: RARA-AVIS: John Le Carre TTSSS - DVD's in NTSC...finally...

Date: 12 Dec 2002

Not sure that the BBC can't do these any more, but they haven't. Buy, steal - or employ Ross Macdonad to steal one for you - these marvellous pieces of TV. We, the British, may be shite at many things but for a while I think we made unequivocally the best TV in the world, and thankfully that included some noir (if not maybe HB, although Scum by Allan Clarke was I think originally a BBC piece before it was filmed, it is an excellent Borstal - youth jail, drama.) Grab Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective if you can as well. As a reporter on the local paper for Potters' native Forest of Dean we have been reporting on the soon to be released Robert Downey Jr film version. If it is one tenth as fantastic as the incredible BBC version it will be a must see. There's lots out there on the net on the series, but it has at least passing interest to avians concerning, as it does, the travails of a hack writer of 'tec fiction by the name of Phillip Marlowe. The greatest TV programme ever made? I think so. Seems like you Americans are now at the apex with Sopranos and so on......
'ow bist butties. Colin, from the Forest.

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