RARA-AVIS: Re: Chandler's Influence

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 12 Dec 2002

BaxDeal wrote:

>What Chandler brought to the table was an evocation of place (in his case,
>Los Angeles) as a character in the story. I'm not literate enough to say
>whether he invented this or not, but it certainly is as much an element in
>his storytelling as his oft-imitated use of metaphor.

Sure, and what I've been saying is that it's his evocation of the place, not the place itself, that continues to be felt, and is one of the true legacies of his work.

As Dick points out:

>Hey, Kevin, glad to see you're mellowing a little... ... without
>Chandler making a big thing about
>the dew on the jacaranda and the way the air cools as you drive up into
>the canyons, it's conceivable that private eye fiction would have had
>considerably less interest in the local landscape.

Mellow? Moi?


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