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Date: 11 Dec 2002

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<< I appreciate your request for more of my opinion and perhaps
 less background. I consider that a compliment >>

And that is the way I meant it. I've read tons of background on Woolrich and various expert opinions and there is a world more of the same if I want to look for it. Woolrich is next to Chandler and Hammett one of the most examined of the noir writers. What I don't know is miker's reaction to Woolrich and having read many of your posts, I am curious to know your opinion and most definitely the view that someone slap some sense into Woolrich's lead character. That's an honest opinion and one that I can understand and appreciate.

As for plot summaries (or bio information for that matter) I think a lot depends on how well known a novel or writer happens to be. Yes, there are people of all degrees of reading experience on the list but I don't think a plot summary of THE MALTESE FALCON would be justified. In any event, a plot summary like anything else can be tedious or informative (and perhaps even entertaining) depending on how it is done.

My reading decisions very often are based on plot or locale. The author is important but there are so many unread books by writers I admire that I can pick and choose among them. At the moment, I would be more likely to read a Charles Williams novel with a sailing background than one his "bad girl in a small town" novels.

Richard Moore

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