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Date: 08 Dec 2002

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> Al, although I generally disagree with his long
> post, is partially correct. There are probably
> people out there writing PI who never heard of
> Chandler or Hammett but indirectly at least, I
> think they are influenced.

Spoken like a gentleman, Jack. You're probably right. Which, I repeat, I find disturbing. It's almost 2003.

> Indirectly or directly, we are influenced by the
> books we read, by our teachers, friends . . .
> hell, some of us were even influenced by our
> parents.

Would you agree that some books are more influential than others? Is it too much to theorise that some books on the lower end of the scale have virtually no effect? Maybe I've just got a psychopathic personality.

> In some ways this exchange on the Marlowe
> paradigm, which I entered only a day or two ago,
> has given me some ideas, and it will probably
> influence at least some of my future work.
> I might want to go to an anti-Chandler Paradigm.

I'll buy it. I'll even pay for it now.


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