RARA-AVIS: And the "Procedure" would be..... [mildly OT]

From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 07 Dec 2002

[Please Note that this Post has, simultaneously, been influenced by, and
_not_ influenced by my reading of Chandler...]

Those of you with long-term recall of total trivia might remember that a month or so back I expressed a desire to reprint Jim Doherty's series of capsule bios of "Cops Who Write" Police Procedurals in my fanzine for the mystery apa, DAPA-Em. That hasn't worked out yet, but Jim has graciously given me the opportunity to run his approximately 9,000-word article, "How To Do Research For The Police Procedural".

[He had offered to send this, as an attachment, to any Raravian who requested it; apparently not that many did.]

Even if you aren't particularly into "Procedurals" (I'm not...), nor aspiring to write same (again, not me...), you might well find this interesting (particularly if you enjoy Jim's erudite posts). I did.

It comprises the bulk of the innovatively titled "Neither Rain, Noir Murder... 01".

It was sent as an electronic file to the OE, who then printed up the requisite 40 copies for the Mailing. Unfortunately I can't afford to print up that many additional copies, but I can offer it, to any Raravian who might be interested, in a Choice of four different transmittable Editions:

a) as a 61kb straight text email -

b) as a 68kb rich text formatted Attachment [can be opened in Wordpad] -

c) as an 8-page 136kb MSWord Attachment -

and, d) as an 8-page 110kb pdf file

*Please* don't clutter up the List with requests, but rather send me an eMail at:

Bill Bowers < fanac@one.net>

..with "Noir...", or something similar as the Subject, and let me know which version you'd prefer.

[All distribution is direct from me, via the BCC option, for those who are shy, and I don't further distribute my own mailing lists.]

If you like this one sufficiently to want to see more on an
(optimistically) bi-monthly basis, simply let me know; otherwise I won't inflict future issues on you, without warning....

I should add that while formal comments aren't necessary, they are certainly welcome -- and subject to being incorporated into future issues, unless you specify otherwise. And I _would_ be interested in Contributions from Raravians who -- with absolutely no insult to those among us who have websites -- might be interested in appearing in a forum somewhat more substantial than electrons, with a small, but appreciative audience....

[The current DAPA-Em Mailing, #168, is over two hundred pages, and marks the 30th Anniversary ... with a lot of photos from the recent Bouchercon. If you are interested in joining a bi-monthly print apa -- minac, 4 pages, every other mailing -- with 35 members, let me know, off-list, and I'll put you in touch with the Official Editor, Art Scott, He has some spare Back Mailings, for a modest fee, and there is currently not a Waiting List...]

Now then, Back to the 40s!

Bill Bowers
         "Androids may well dream of electronic sheep.  I, on the other 
hand, dream of 8 1/2 x 11 inch rectangles of infinity."     [Outworlds 70]

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