From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 07 Dec 2002

Rene wrote: I haven't yet read any of her books but at least 2 excellent film versions have been based on them - RIDE THE PINK HORSE & IN A LONELY PLACE, both excellent films noirs.
************** I haven't seen In a Lonely Place yet. I understand Bogart is in it and it's considered a classic. I'd like to see it. Of course, I'd want to read the book first. But it came in the same volume as RIDE THE PINK HORSE, so that wouldn't be much problem.

I have seen RIDE THE PINK HORSE, and I liked it. The movie came out a year after the book, and is quite different from the book. Robert Montgomery, besides directing, played Lucky (they changed Sailor's name in the movie), but Thomas Gomez as Pancho stole the show. Wanda Hendrix, playing Pila, looks pretty darned hot.


Like many movie adaptations of noir novels, the dark ending of the book turned sunny in the movie. I didn't understand the final parting of Pila and Lucky. Through the entire movie it looked like Pila has the hots for Lucky, but in the end she acts like she couldn't care less that he was leaving.


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