RARA-AVIS: BLACK MASK, 9/29, and other periphera

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 03 Dec 2002

http://www.robertweinberg.net/pulps.htm is Robert Weinberg's thumbnail image page for a number of rare pulps, including the BLACK MASK ("Western, Detective & Adventure Stories" still, then, but at least "Detective" was offset in red rather than the others' black) cover for THE MALTESE FALCON. Spade doesn't much resemble Bogart (nor even Cortez) much...William Bendix in a bad mood, perhaps.

Tenuously dragging in the a/v as I am, anyone else given ROBBERY HOMICIDE DIVISION (CBS) a view yet? Scripts aren't too surprising yet, but it is
(unsurprisingly from a show produced by Michael Mann and X-FILES veteran Frank Spotnitz) the most stylish program on the air in the US right now. Has a good hb feel, good performances. TM

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