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 I just finished The Innocent Mrs. Duff by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. It
 came highly recommended by Chandler (in his letters). It was a nice
 little noir about the disintegration through drink of Mr Duff.
 Anyway, I have a question. This book was copyright 1949 and there is
 lots of talk about gas rationing and ration coupons for meat and other
 foods. When did rationing end?

The book was published in the US in hardback in 1946. Rationing of gas and oil in the US ended in August 1945 a few days after VJ Day. Rationing for butter ended in November 1945, leaving sugar as the only commodity that continued to be rationed in the US. Although I imagine the setting was US, I will note that rationing in Britain continued for a much longer period after the war.

Richard Moore

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