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Date: 25 Nov 2002

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><< But I find nothing epic
>about his obsession with corruption, and *over*-emphasis on the profane. >>
> Are you saying that an obsession with corruption and a heavy emphasis on
>the profane rules out the possibility of creating an epic work?


I'll answer that by paraphrasing what someone told me once about the works of Robert B. Parker: "I got through three of his books before I realized that they were all the same book over and over." Now, I like Parker, but I agree that he's essentially correct ("A Catskill Eagle" and "Early Autumn" do stand out from the crowd though, IMO). The difference is that I *like* the same book that Parker's writing over and over. I can't say the same about Ellroy.

Did that make sense? I'll be happy to expand upon that if I'm not being clear enough.


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