From: Etienne Borgers ( wbac1203@wanadoo.be)
Date: 24 Nov 2002

No, no no! There's only one Jean-Patrick Manchette, and your library probably got it wrong in their list! (I cannot dream of such crude error from the publisher)

The two novels recently published in the States are: THREE TO KILL, translated from Manchette's original "Le petit bleu de la cote Ouest" and: THE PRONE GUNMAN, is translated from "La position du tireur couche"

THREE TO KILL is the title given to the French movie that was based on the book (Trois hommes a abattre), but the original title of the book is the one I give here above: "Le petit bleu de la cote Ouest"(1976), meaning "The little blues from the West Coast" (as Manchette did a kind of play with the French words and with a reference to the Jazz music). After releasing the movie, the book was reprinted in French with the alternative title:
"Trois hommes a abattre", that was used for the American translation.

Jean-Patrick Manchette is one of the best French authors of the genre, and a very important one for the evolution of the French noir literature during the 70s and 80s. So, I will list hereunder the main novels he wrote, all are noir:
-"L'Affaire N'Gusto" (1971) - literally: The N'gusto Case
-"O dingos, O chateaux" (1972) - title =parody of a verse by Rimbaud- later it was issued with a new title: "Folle a tuer" after a movie based on this novel, literally: So crazy that she must be killed.
-"Nada" (1972) - Spanish word for 'nothing'
-"Morgue pleine" (1973) - literally: The Morgue is full
-"Que d'os" (1976) - literally: So many bones
-"Fatale" (1977)-
-"Le petit bleu de la cote Ouest"(1976)- published in the USA as 'Three to Kill'
-"La position du tireur couche" (1983)- pubished in the USA as 'The Prone Gunman'

As for 'Melanie White', it is a juvenile and it's the only attempt of Jean-Patrick Manchette to do SF.

Manchette did the script of an excellent adult comic book: 'Griffu' (1977), the artist being Tardi(the same who made the drawings for the Nestor Burma series). Griffu is the name of the central character, a PI.

Having the list of the French titles, I think you will be able in the future to spot which translation is what, as normally the books will carry the original title on the copyright page.

Let us hope that more novels by Jean-Patrick Manchette will be translated soon.

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At 14:03 23-11-02 -0500, you wrote:
>> > Three To Kill by Jean-Patrick Manchette: Wow. This French novel written
>> the 70s but recently translated to English is fantastic.
>I'm confused - but then what's new. I went to my library site and they list
>two Manchettes: Jean-Patrick and Jean-Pierre. The have Three to Kill in
>French but it is listed under Jean-Pierre along with another titled Nada.
>The one attributed to Jean-Patrick is "Melanie White", also in French. Are
>there two Manchettes who write mysteries or did they slip while transcribing
>the names?

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