From: abc@wt.net
Date: 22 Nov 2002

Well, I might as well say my little piece on Ellroy. I bought both CLANDESTINE and BROWN'S REQUIEM when they first came out. (I still have both books, of course), and I liked them quite a bit. I thought they were a little raw and undisciplined, but good stuff. I didn't like the Lloyd Hopkins books nearly as well, but I did like KILLER ON THE ROAD (aka SILENT TERROR). After that the only book I really liked was THE BLACK DAHLIA. I tried reading WHITE JAZZ. Couldn't do it. I heard a rumor that when the book was turned in, the publisher said, "Way too long. Cut it." So Ellroy cut out all the modifiers. Don't know if that's true. Haven't tried any of the books since that one.

Bill Crider

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