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Date: 22 Nov 2002

> On Friday, November 22, 2002, at 09:00 AM, RARA-AVIS Digest wrote:
> > And part of what makes Ellroy
> > great is that he's creating his own archetypes, in his own image.
> Oh Gawd, I'm afraid John Lau and Kerry Schooley are both right about
> the bloody man. I'm about to phone the local book store and order My
> Dark Places and one or two of the others. Yes, at inflated English
> prices. Curses.

Although I think that phrases such as "archetypal" are rather high-fallutin' when discussing the works of James, Ellroy, I will say that I think if one is going to venture into his work, that "My Dark Places"
(which is, to my knowledge, his only non-fiction work, a memoir of the mother who was a murder victim while he was still a boy/investigation of the evidence surrounding her still-unsolved murder) and "The Black Dahlia" are the closest things to 'must reads' in the Ellroy Canon. I'm sure others (Kerry and John, for example) will disagree. That's part of what makes the world go around. I, for example, wouldn't open
"White Jazz" again unless you paid me a *lot* of money.

Maybe I'm just too pedestrian and plebeian in my approach to high-fallutin' literature, though. After all, I think Larry Flynt's a jerk, too.


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