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Date: 19 Nov 2002

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 Richard, are you sure B. Traven wasn't writing about being a
 "What you get is advances and advances. Just enough to get
 drunk and get a dame under your legs. Sometimes there is
 just a bit left to buy a shirt, a pair of pants, or new
 clogs. You never get enough to buy you a complete outfit.
 You see, if you look like a respectable citizen, you might
 get some ideas into your head
 and walk off and become alive again. Nothing doing. Get
 trick now? As long as you haven't got money, and as long as
 you are in rags, you cannot get away here. You stay dead."
 Bill Crider
 - -- >>

Bill, that is a scream and you are right as can be. You know, I wondered after sending that quote why I chose it over other examples with more grisly subject matter. Somehow it resonated with me and I think you put your finger on why I identified with it so much.

In all the discussion on Nathaniel West, I don't recall anyone mentioning the fact that his wife, the former Eileen McKenney, was the basis for the Broadway play, movie and television series "My Sister Eileen." Three days after Nathaniel and Eileen died in the car crash the play "My Sister Eileen" by Ruth McKenney opened on Broadway. If this was mentioned before, I apologize for missing it.

Richard Moore

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