RARA-AVIS: The '30s

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 18 Nov 2002

Once again I got out my invaluable copy of HARD-BOILED, edited by Pronzini and Adrian (the introductions in this book are worth whatever I paid for it). The section devoted to the thirties includes 8 stories. Here are the ones I read: "Mistral" by Raoul Whitfield, "Trouble-Chaser" by Paul Cain, "Fruit Tramp" by Daniel Mainwaring (Geoffrey Homes),
"Brush Fire" by James M. Cain, "Human Interest Stuff" by Brett Halliday, and "Waiting for Rusty" by William Cole. The latter writer is one I know nothing about, but then neither does anyone else. This is "Cole's" only published story. All the stories are distinguished by their clean, spare prose, their color and movement. Current writers could learn a lot from them. I knew where the Halliday story was going long before it got there, but I still enjoyed it. The Paul Cain story is the only one with a conventional whodunit plot, and that one is also easy to figure. Didn't detract from my enjoyment a bit, however.

Bill Crider

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