RARA-AVIS: Re: Jonathan Latimer

From: Etienne Borgers ( wbac1203@wanadoo.be)
Date: 16 Nov 2002

If it is true that some of the Crane series are minor, do not reject Latimer so quickly. In the better part of his production you will discover he's one of the great American writers of the genre. OK, maybe not on par with Hammett and Chandler, but not too far behind. Of course one must accept off-beat humor, slight surrealism and derision to enjoy his novels...

I suggest you try the following titles: THE LADY IN THE MORGUE (1936) RED GARDENIA (1939) MURDER IN THE MADHOUSE (1934)

And of course, re-read: SALOMON'S VINEYARD , his most off-beat novel

In his later production, two good novels: SINNERS AND SHROUD (1955) BLACK IS THE FASHION FOR DYING (1959)

There's a book he wrote under the pseudonym of Peter Coffin: SEARCH FOR MY GREAT UNCLE'S HEAD (1937), that I never found and for which I have no information. Does somebody on the list know more about it?

In a certain way, Latimer was a moralist with his novels showing open transgressions of some of the 1930s American taboos like booze and other bigoteries.

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At 22:55 15-11-02 -0500, Bill Denton wrote:
>Well, Latimer has defeated me. I gave up on HEADED FOR A HEARSE. I was
>hoping it'd be a real pippperoo for 1930s month, but half-way through I
>started skimming and then I just flipped to the end to find out who done

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