From: Etienne Borgers ( wbac1203@wanadoo.be)
Date: 16 Nov 2002

I was informed that Martin Brett died in Alicante (Spain) where he has lived for many decades. He was 82.

This Canadian author(real name:Ronald Douglas Sanderson), born British, started his writing career in 1952. He produced a lot of HB novels close to the "adventure" domain, with characters full of humor, individualism and action orientated.

Amongst his long list of titles, we will remember: HOT FREEZE- 1954 PREY BY NIGHT- 1955 AND ALL FLESH DIES- 1955 THE FINAL RUN- 1957 DEAD CONNECTION- 1961 SHOUT FOR THE KILLER- 1963
...all novels of very good quality.

He has used a pseudonym for part of his production: Malcom Douglas.

Martin Brett is not to be confused with an American writer named Michael Brett, or with the British one (Miles Tripp) who used Martin Brett as pseudonym.

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