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Date: 10 Nov 2002

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Have you ever noticed the phenomena where once you've been introduced to something for the first time, it seems to pop up all over the place? I seen Perelman's name yesterday when I was looking for information on Graham Greene. And today I find out he married Nathanael West's sister.

The same thing happened to me miker. I was interested to find out that West and his wife were killed in a car wreck (apparently just after he learned of friend F. Scott Fitzgerald's death in an accident). The web site I read this info on implied that West was distraught by the news and ran a stop sign - possibly due to his emotional state.

Here is the quote:

<<<<<<By a bizarre coincidence, Fitzgerald and West died on the same weekend in December, 1940. West was killed in an automobile accident on December 22, near El Centro, California, with his wife Eileen McKenney. West was recently married, with a better-paid script work coming in, and returning from a trip Mexico. Distraught over hearing of his friend's Fitzgerald's death, he crashed his car after ignoring a stop sign.>>>>>>>>

from this link:

Steven H.

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