RARA-AVIS: Road to Perdition and graphic novels

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 10 Nov 2002

Jim Doherty wrote, in response to my confusion about where "Road to Perdition" starts:
> It starts off in a metropolitan area now known as
> "Quad-Cities," but, at the time of the movie, known as
> "Tri-Cities." It's made up of three (now four)
> adjacent, medium-sized cities on the Iowa/Illinois
> border that, together, would make up one big city.
> The towns are, Davenport, IA; Rock Island, IL; and
> Moline, IL. In recent years East Moline, IL, has been
> included, hence the change from Tri-Cities to
> Quad-Cities.

*********** Thanks, Jim. I've actually been there on business about 10 years ago, but I never caught any references to where the movied started. I had guessed New York simply because it looked big town and in distance it was close to an overnight drive to Chicago.

The issue of "graphic novel" pops up here. A month or two ago I would have used the term "comic book" in a derogatory manner, but I've been looking at some here recently and think I need to reconsider. Barnes and Noble has a bunch of the "Sandman" issues, which is Neil Gaiman's story. I would have liked to buy a couple, but they were pretty expensive. A long, LONG, time ago I remember buying comic books which involved terror and desperation and loving it. I cannot remember what they were called.


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