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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 09 Nov 2002

From: "James Reasoner" <>
> I was passing by a Half Price Books yesterday and had one of those moments
> where I debated with myself whether I even wanted to go in. > Here's what
I came out with:
> Harry Whittington -- etc, etc.
> Charles Williams -- etc etc
> Ed Lacy -- etc etc
> Plus three Peter Rabes, assorted Gold Medels, Avons, Lions, and Aces, and
> five of
> those Jules de Grandin collections by Seabury Quinn. I tell ya, it was
> I could do not to break into the happy dance right in the store.
> You just don't find that stuff much anymore,
> especially not in that quantity or condition.
> It occurs to me is that somebody probably died, and these books that
> had been on his shelves for forty years got taken to Half Price and sold
> a quarter apiece. That's sort of sad, but at least they wound up in a
> home.

Wow, I've been frequenting the five-count-'em-five Half Price Books in my proverbial neighborhood for years and years, and have never had anywhere near that type of lucky strike. Congrats on a terrific haul...I could only wish that my area's H.P.B.'s could offer that type of goldmine. Not that I'm wishing anyone's untimely death to do so....umm, 'course, on the other hand...

By the way, my own brag: after lamenting on this list not too long ago about not being able to find a way to get a copy of Dennis McMillan's anthology, MEASURES OF POISON, and subsequently signed at Bouchecon by the attending contributors, I tracked down a copy signed by all attending (plus two) for cover price. A massive collection, it looks to be a terrific read. Also just got a 1st of DIFFICULT LIVES: JIM THOMPSON, DAVID GOODIS & CHESTER HIMES (Gryphon) for $10.

And, inspired, tomorrow I hit a Half Price or two...

Ron Clinton

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