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Date: 08 Nov 2002

To document further the data about James E. Gunn, here's what I found as additional info in a dictionary of authors by Claude Mesplede:

-James Edward Gunn (born in San Francisco in 1920- d.1966) wrote DEADLIER THAN THE MALE (1942) as an exercise for a creativity class This Gunn never did any SF and could be confused with his homonym James Edwin Gunn born in 1923 who started to publish in 1949 and was a SF writer.

- James Edward Gunn, spotted by Hollywood after the huge success of his book "Deadlier..", made a career as scriptwriter. A curio: he adapted Gypsy Rose Lee's mystery novel THE G-STRINGS MURDERS
(she was an emblematic stripper during these days) for the screen in a film by William Wellman, LADY OF BURLESQUE(1943). As I mentioned earlier in a post about Goodis in Hollywood, Gunn participated also to the script of THE UNFAITHFUL (film by Vincent Sherman
-1947) at the same time as Goodis (but not working together). Until 1959, he collaborated to a total of about 10 films for Warner, Universal and Columbia ( such as: "All I desire" -1953). He died in September 1966.

Note: GR Lee's novel was written with the help of a ghost writer, but I do not remember who and cannot find the reference in my papers (tribute to aging?).

E.Borgers HARD-BOILED MYSTERIES (with a new chapter: Nippon Noir)

At 23:08 05-11-02 GMT, you wrote:
> I figure that James Gunn, the author, just about has to be the same
James Gunn
>who wrote a lot of SF novels (I first encountered him in the
>SF magazines long, long ago) and who's also well-known in
>academic circles. His series of anthologies that spans the
>history of SF is a great starting point for any collection.
>But after reading Deadlier than the Male, I looked at his
>official bibliography, and it's not there. Maybe I was
>wrong. Maybe it's not the same guy. The story I heard
>somewhere or other was that Gunn wrote the book while he was
>a college student. It was later made into a movie under a
>different title. Does anybody know the straight story
>behind all this?
>Bill Crider

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