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> For 1930s months I started with BLUE MURDER (1939) by Robert Leslie
> Bellem, and I'm really enjoying it. I've never read anything by him
> before. The style is a riot, but what killed me were a couple of quotes
> from some Dan Turner stories. Are there any anthologies of them around?
> I looked at and just turned up BLUE MURDER itself and some
> is a 72 page booklet with four stories from SPICY MYSTERY. Is Bellem lost
> to the modern reader? I want more roscoes sneezing ka-chow.
> Bill
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Black Dog Books, the same small press publisher that put out DEATH'S DETOUR, also has a collection of Dan Turner stories called RENDEZVOUS IN RED. There was another collection called DAN TURNER, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, published by Bowling Green State University's Popular Press in 1983. A Turner story,
"The Lake of the Left Hand Moon", is in the anthology THE GREAT AMERICAN DETECTIVE, edited by William Kittredge and published in paperback by Mentor in 1978. (This is a wonderful book, by the way.) There's also a Turner story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PRIVATE EYE STORIES, published by Carroll & Graf about ten years ago. I can't find my copy right now to check. Tony Goodstone's anthology THE PULPS has a non-series weird menace story by Bellem that was originally published in SPICY MYSTERY. I'm sure there are other Bellem anthology appearances scattered around, but that's all I can think of right now. I think pulp reprint publisher John Gunnison is planning to do a Dan Turner anthology pretty soon and intends to use stories that have never been reprinted before.


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