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From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 05 Nov 2002

Having turned to the popular-fiction repository of knowledge that is the Yahoogroup FictionMags, wherein William Contento checked his Hubin and provided:

Hubin has:

GUNN, JAMES; pseudonym of John Darcy Cannon, (1918- ) Ref: CA.
*The Adventures of Jerry Parker, Mobile Investigator (London: Nuffield, 1952, hc) [*Jerry Parker; *@E...] (Contents)
*The Further Adventures of Jerry Parker (London: Nuffield, 1953, hc) [*Jerry Parker; *@E...]

GUNN, JAMES (Edward) (1920- )
*Deadlier Than the Male (Duell, 1942, hc) [*@S... Francisco, CA] Film: RKO, 1947, as Born to Kill (scw: Eve Greene, Richard Macaulay; dir: Robert Wise). Also: Films du Semaphore, 1986, as Corps et Biens (With All Hands) (scw & dir: Benoit Jacquot).
_You'll Hear from Us (with Marilyn Cooley) See entry under Marilyn Cooley.

GUNN, JAMES E(dwin) (1923- ) Ref: CA.
*The Magicians (Scribner, 1976, hc)
*Star Bridge (with Jack Williamson) (Gnome, 1955, hc) [*@F...]

Thus suggesting that too many James E. Gunn's were born to write around the turn of the '20s for scholars' comfort. Many thanks, Bill Contento...

See also Contento's online projects: http://users.ev1.net/~homeville/msf/0start.htm http://users.ev1.net/~homeville/fictionmag/0start.htm

-----Original Message----- From: abc@wt.net [mailto: abc@wt.net] Miker asked about Deadlier Than the Male, Gunn 1942. I have some questions about that one, myself. I figure that James Gunn, the author, just about has to be the same James Gunn who wrote a lot of SF novels (I first encountered him in the SF magazines long, long ago) and who's also well-known in academic circles. His series of anthologies that spans the history of SF is a great starting point for any collection. But after reading Deadlier than the Male, I looked at his official bibliography, and it's not there. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it's not the same guy. The story I heard somewhere or other was that Gunn wrote the book while he was a college student. It was later made into a movie under a different title. Does anybody know the straight story behind all this?

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