RARA-AVIS: Second Story Books

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 25 Oct 2002

Mark wrote:
> miker, they have a website, including addresses, phone numbers and maps:
> www.secondstorybooks.com.

*********** Thanks, Mark, Richard, and Anthony. I checked out the web site and gave them a call. It turns out that they're open 10 to 6 Monday thru Thursday, and since I'm stuck down a ways south of D.C. close to the Pax River Naval Base, it didn't look like I was gonna get a chance to make it by Second Story Books, so I changed my flight out on Wednesday to give me time to cruise by before leaving. Their mystery guy actually offered to give me a private appointment on Sunday, but I told him no. I figured he mistook me for some big spending collector, and I didn't want to drag him in there and disappoint him.

I'm putting together a wish list of 30's and 40's stuff right now.

Incidentally, was it you, Al, that recommended Vian's I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVES? I've just about finished it. It's pretty darned hardcore. I hear they banned it in France!


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