RARA-AVIS: Bouchercon 2003

From: Gary ( piesbook@execpc.com)
Date: 24 Oct 2002

I am the hard-boiled program person for the 2003 Las Vegas Bouchercon, with the help of Ted Hertel. Deen Kogan, who is chairing the event, will pass appropriate authors on to us as they register, and we will begin to build programs. Once an author registers, our question will be "what do you want to do?" We are looking for everything from traditional panels to creative suggestions for new presentations. If you are more comfortable with us designing your panel, we will. We will be using moderators. We have 17 program slots to fill with 4 authors and 1 moderator per panel, or a total of 85 opportunities for people to participate, so our definition of
"published" will be rather strict early to make sure we can feature all the authors we want. One possibility for short story, e-book, self-published authors in the hard-boiled field is to have a joint program where many authors will be featured in a round-robin fashion to make sure everyone in this area who registers is featured at one point or another. All participating authors will also have a signing.

If you are on this list and want to try your hand at moderating a panel filled with hard-boiled writers, send me an e-mail. I will be needing 17 moderators in Las Vegas, and it would seem that people who subscribe to this list would be an excellent source for moderators. Don't worry if you have never done it before, we are going to have specific instructions to help you through the process. This is a great way to get up, close and personal with the authors, so give it a try.

Register early and get on board by going to http://bconvegas2003.org/

Best, GWN Gary Warren Niebuhr P. O. Box 341218 Milwaukee, WI 53234 piesbook@execpc.com http://my.execpc.com/~piesbook/piescatalog.html

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