RARA-AVIS: 1974, Men in Blue

From: Joy Matkowski ( jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 24 Oct 2002

Anyone prone to nightmares or paranoia should not read Peace's _1974._ It is by turns depressing and terrifying (depending on whether a given particular nasty event could happen to you personally), yet so breathlessly well written you will not be able to stop reading it. Imagine how horrible and disgusting this book could have been if Peace hadn't limited himself to England and would have had in that year, say, Nixon and Rizzo to factor in.

    And then there's commercial fiction, such as _Men in Blue._ I've grown unaccustomed to conventional books that start out with a beautiful, rich television news anchor utterly smitten with a motorcycle cop, apparently because he's so rude, married, and macho. Rizzo is in this one, called Carlucci, but I don't think I'll get past our heroine's natural blond hair or yellow Cadillac convertible to see if he's realistically portrayed.

Joy, deciding on her next read

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