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Date: 23 Oct 2002

Woody Haut wrote: In Crime Time no. 26 (published last year)- it's the Sherlock Holmes issue- you'll find an article I wrote entitled The Life and Times of Edward Anderson, which you might find informative. He was definitely an interesting, if flawed and eventually un-balanced, individual. If you can't find a copy of CT26, let me know and I'll try to give you a quick rundown of Anderson's life.

*********** Thanks, Woody. Crime Time does have back issues for sale. I have emailed them to ask if I can put a few issues on my charge card. It would take forever for a check to reach them and then clear. The magazine looks absolutely stunning.

Your name sounded familiar so I searched it at Amazon and was awed that you wrote the two pulp/noir critiques that I've had my eye on for a while. I ordered them along with some Latimer, Farrell, Faulkner, Manchette, Durrenmatt, etc.

The Amazon review said that you had interesting comments on Leigh Brackett, Dorothy Hughes, and Dolores Hitchens. I just finished Hughes's RIDE A PINK HORSE, and was fairly impressed, and I've got novels by the other two sitting on the shelf waiting on me. I'm interested to see what you have to say about them.

I see you've got a new one, HEARTBREAK AND VINE, coming out in early 2003. Congratulations. It seems like a lot of the prominent early hardboiled/noir writers ended up scriptwriting.



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