RARA-AVIS: Bouchercon

From: James Reasoner ( james53@flash.net)
Date: 22 Oct 2002

I thoroughly enjoyed this Bouchercon, my first time to attend. The highlight was probably Joe Lansdale interviewing Bill Crider, but I had a good time at the Shamus Awards, too, and the various panels seemed to go okay. Another plus was getting to spend quite a bit of time with my old buddy Steve Mertz for the first time in over twenty years. He has a new suspense novel out that looks pretty good, haven't had a chance to start it yet. Also had a good conversation with Jim Doherty. I know there were other rara-avians there, but I never seemed to run into them.

As usual, I spent too much money in the dealers' room. I was one of those people Bill mentioned who snapped up the Fredric Brown omnibus volume. I had one of the four novels in PB but not the other three. Never read any of them. Also got the Rue Morgue Press reprint of Norbert Davis's SALLY'S IN THE ALLEY. I've been looking for that one for a while. Couldn't resist another RMP book called MURDER, CHOP CHOP by James Norman. I'd never heard of the book or the author, but it looked good (if somewhat politically incorrect). Traded for some HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE and SPEED DETECTIVE pulps, each with a pair of Dan Turner stories in them. Ka-chow!

Don't when or if I'll ever get to another Bouchercon, but I liked this one. Wish Richard Moore could have been there.

Best, James

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