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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 16 Oct 2002

I'll vouch for Porter, though I don't remember "Noon Wine" to be a bloodbath. SHIP OF FOOLS in its turn took its name from a collection of instructive verse from some centuries back...too lazy to look up the poet's name.

Haven't read BELOVED yet, but if you like Porter, there's always Flannery O'Connor, and the likes of WISE BLOOD...

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Has anybody read Katherine Ann Porter's NOON WINE? I hear it's really violent. Sounds like fun. Is it hardboiled? How about Toni Morrison's BELOVED?

There's a boat out at the docks called "Ship of Fools". We were sitting around drinking beers one day and I asked him if he had ever read the book by Porter, and all I got was a "Huh?" I guess he got the name from a Grateful Dead song.

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