RARA-AVIS: Memory of Murder

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 15 Oct 2002

I located a ToC from a copy that didn't sell on eBay a while back. Sounds pulpy, all right, and I definitely need to locate my copy.

Bill Crider

    * Introduction: Hammett? Chandler? Not to Worry!
    * "The Small Assassin"
    * "A Careful Man Dies"
    * "It Burns Me Up!"
    * "Half-Pint Homicide"
    * "Four-Way Funeral"
    * "The Long Night"
    * "Corpse Carnival"
    * "Hell's Half Hour"
    * "The Long Way Home"
    * "Wake for the Living"
    * "'I'm Not So Dumb!'"
    * "The Trunk Lady"
    * "Yesterday I Lived!"
    * "Dead Men Rise Up Never"
* "The Candy Skull"

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