RARA-AVIS: Dennis Macmillan collection...

From: Ron Clinton ( clinton65@att.net)
Date: 14 Oct 2002

I wrote to Dennis MacMillan several days ago:
"Regarding the MEASURES OF POISON anthology, I understand from your website that it will first be available at Bouchercon, and that there will be a
"...a mass-signing of Measures of Poison by all the contributors who're present at the convention (and most of them will be)." Is it possible to order and have shipped a trade copy with the multiple sigs
(i.e. have it signed at the show, and sent after) -- or is this mass signing available only to convention attendees?"

He wrote back that, no, he wouldn't be able to as 1) He wasn't sure if the books were even going to arrive in time, and 2). Everyone was asking this same question, and he (understandably) wasn't up to handling the workload involved.

So I'm now wondering if anyone on this list is a bookseller and is attending Bouchercon, and is intending to pick up a few trade edtions of this collection with the multiple sigs for re-sale?

Ron Clinton

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