RARA-AVIS: Re: Whitfield and Gar

From: Douglas Greene ( dgreene@odu.edu)
Date: 14 Oct 2002

I'm sorry to say that although the cover for JO GAR'S CASEBOOK has been completed, we haven't yet posted it on the website. Which means we've really got to get the site updated with our future pubs.

Due this week, for example, is Brendan DuBois's first collection, THE DARK SNOW AND OTHER MYSTERIES, some of the finest noir stories now around.

No, the linked stories in THE RAINBOW MURDERS would have made the book far too long; JO GAR'S CASEBOOK contains only the independent stories from BLACK MASK plus the two that appeared in HEARST'S INTERNATIONAL. Didn't Black Lizard or No exit publish THE RAINBOW MURDERS some years ago?

Almost ready to go to press are 2 more volumes of interest to pulp fans: William Campbell Gault's MARKSMAN AND OTHER STORIES, with all his Joe Puma short stories (from MANHUNT) + a selection of non-series tales; and Hugh B. Cave's COME INTO MY PARLOR AND OTHER STORIES FROM DETECTVIE FICTION WEEKLY. AS most of you know, Hugh Cave, at 92, is still an active writer, and perhaps the last survivor of the Golden Age of Pulps (at least in the mystery field--Jack Williamson, Ray Bradbury, and Nelson Bond, who were in sci-fi/fantasy, are still alive).


Douglas G. Greene Crippen & Landru Publishers

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