RARA-AVIS: Amphibian noir and a question

From: Doug Hoffman, MD ( hoffmand@cc.northcoast.com)
Date: 12 Oct 2002

It just so happens that the one book inside me features a barely four foot-tall alien that falls somewhere on the toad/frog/newt spectrum. He's a film noir-lovin' critter who has lost his mother, has a grief-ridden burnt-out father, and who becomes very disillusioned and depressed when he finds his love interest in flagrante with his professional mentor. While still in a state of semi-shock from this discovery, he takes a job that very nearly gets him killed.

I'm shooting for a HB/SF hybrid tale. How hard-boiled is it? I dearly hope that one day it'll get published and maybe some of you folks will tell me how far off the mark I am!

Question: do any of you participate in mailing lists (like this one) that focus on writing? If anyone has any recommendations, I'd like to hear them. Thanks!

Doug Hoffman

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