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Date: 11 Oct 2002

He also wrote, aside from sf (NOT sci-fi) and hb cf, not a little horror fiction and some lighter fantasies. NIGHTMARES AND GEEZENSTACKS collects a number of his vignettes, and some longer's not all of his best work by any means (some is quite minor work), but it's mildly representative of some of his work, and it was in print forever. TM

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Steve Harbin wrote: Fredric Brown is a great author, whom you want to check out since you haven't done so. He wrote both mystery and science fiction from the 40's through the 60's. His main claims to fame or the excellence and humor and word play of some of his short stories (especially the sci-fi ones) and his shocker "O. Henry" type endings, in both his mystery and sci-fi stories. His only series of hard boiled detective stories are the "Ed and Am Hunter" series of novels and a couple of short stories, which I believe were discussed a while back a little. Check the archives. If not I'll be happy to send you a list. Also, check out Kevin's great web site ThrillingDetective. It has a section on Fred Brown.

************ Thanks, Steve. I'll check out the archives and Kevin's site and see what I can find. I'm still reading 30's stuff and loving the heck out of it, but here in another month or so I hope to graduate to the 40's. If there are any of his novels that you would recommend over others, let me know. I've had really good luck getting out-of- print stuff from Abebooks.

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